My CySec Primer via picoCTF

I’ve taught various courses throughout my time as a student and researcher, but nothing has been more fun than teaching the core computer science class for a local, rigorous summer science academy. Instructors are given nearly limitless latitude and I decided to create an introductory course for cyber-security that leaned on the ongoing picoCTF 2018 competition for providing hands-on exercises with no set-up required from me.

I will say that most of my slides are sparse, as speaking off-the-cuff usually makes my delivery better and I do have 10+ years of working with computers to leverage in the moment. We are in the midst of working on other materials that will help teach the language of cyber-security so that educators do not have to be cyber-security experts in order to lead their students to deeper learning. I hope that these course materials spark your own interest in this fascinating topic!

The CySec Primer course material bundle is available at the link below. Please select the “Download” button after clicking this link:


Thank you for creating this guide!
Dr K

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